The Nothing

by Social Killers



released 08 July 2010
All songs written by Joe Cooper

"Enough Part 3" Lyrics written by Joey Davis

"It's midnight Somewhere" Verse Lyrics written by Erieann Laudner

Cover Photo by Jordon Markovich

Thank You's: Joey Davis, Tyler Matoush, Emily Johannes, Caleb Block, Jordon Markovich, Jonas Karsten and Vanity Beach, Manek and Nuke Deboto AKA Joystixx, Alex Frejrud and Sexydeath, Anoraak, Klaryrssa Korol and Chamber of Echoes, Eireann Laudner, Chance Martinez, Tamara and everyone at the Forum, and I would also like to thank the person reading this



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Track Name: The Nothing
I could tell by the way you looked at me
that you were done with me tonight
The sun had crashed into the mountains
as I drive through this night alone
but shouldn't a kiss mean something more?

Maybe this is all she wanted

A kiss that pulled me into the room
We watched the sunrise
if I only knew
I was nothing to you

I could tell by the way you looked at me
that you were done with me tonight
she tasted like summer that afternoon
waves of thunder that violently shook the moon

I was nothing to you
Track Name: Burning Daylight
The morning comes on like a thunder storm
lighthing stirkes just at my door

the ceiling looks cold as I lay in bed
years seem distant, all I taste is regret
I wonder what my reflection shows
the shattered peices, what these mirrors know

But if love was real
could it change me?

(your talking to the dead)

and if love was so real
could it change me?

(We're talking to the dead)

Can't even look you in the eyes
the shame sinks deep in my mind
my heart bled out years ago
my skin is cold, the touch I'll never know

but if love was real
could it save me?

what shadows lurk below my feet
they bend, change and move with me
like wraiths soaring against the concrete
scavengers waiting to taste fresh meat

Lift me up
into the burning daylight

But if love was so real
could it change me?
Track Name: One Step Into the Unknown
The sun crawled through a spider's web
leaving a shadow, it was like she said
"the past can feel just like a warm bed, but stay there too long and you'll end up dead"

for a moment I felt happy
it hurts me just to say
where will we be in the end?
I miss the times we were lost in days

The world turns to smoke
Reality was never real
There is only you
and that's all I want to feel
Track Name: Enough part 3
Creating rainbows in pouring rain
searching for strength in all this pain
give me a reason to put down this blade
my tears are so hallow today

I got trapped in a dreaming fadeaway
I let myself get caught up in yesterday
finish what you've started
look at what we've done

*lyrics written by Joey Davis
Track Name: Cold as Eternity
We've been here before
The view always looks the same
there is no life beyond this door
no world for me to escape
close my eyes and I'll live here
where the pain can be my friend
lonliness is my stepping stone
so my mind can be my grave

times change and I grow old
no one will ever know
no one will ever find me
trapped in this body of stone
Track Name: It's Midnight Somewhere
playful leaves on an asphalt playground
Twirl about in windy arms
the scenery in a silent goodbye
as machinery crushes a fragile skeleton

*first verse written by Erieann Laudner